Turkish Bridal Traditions

30 Nov

Turkey is a modern country situated between Asia and Europe. Therefore it includes Asian and Western influences in their functions. Turkish weddings are typically secular events which are officiated by local officiates, rather than local clergy. It is because a majority of the populace within Turkey is Muslim, of which this is one case where the western world hasn’t influenced Turkish customs.

Traditional Wedding Rituals

Turkish marriage customs are influenced by the place in which the couple resides. A few practices have kept similar, including the types of items which are presented to brides and grooms. Nevertheless, a great deal of Turkish women prefer western clothing and current brides opt to not observe some of the traditional wedding rituals.

Classic wedding presents are golden coins that are linked with red-colored silk ribbons and also pins. The guests will pin the coins to the bridal dress and also the groom’s clothing. In lots of Eastern cultures the hue red is thought to be a fortuitous color, and this is why the bow utilised has to be red. This shade is traditionally used in other ways in Turkish weddings.

Turkish Brides


Since the turn of the 20th century most Turkish brides have observed the Western culture of dressing up in white, however classic Turkish bridal clothing are in gem hue colors along with elaborate adornments in gold thread. Wedding attendees don bright hues and the wedding has the ambiance of a celebration.

Modern city wedding ceremonies are usually just a couple of hours in length. Having said that, traditional Turkish wedding ceremonies will take as much as 3 days and up. In the past, rich people might have the celebration for more than a four week period.

The marriage service is merely the signing of the wedding papers. In certain parts of Turkey the wedding couple would wear veils and these would be donned until they arrive to the wedding. After the wedding ceremony the couple will start the initial dance of the celebration.

Turkish Wedding Party Meals


Turkish wedding party meals are lavish events with many courses. Throughout the dinner professional dancers may dance to entertain the attendees. One particular special tradition is the dance for the fathers where the fathers of both bride and groom dance all around one another while guests shower them with coins as well as banknotes. The wedding cake is sliced at the end of the dinner and the happy couple stay at the reception until the visitors depart.

No matter where in the world the marriage occurs it is not viewed as respectful to refuse an request to attend. It is deemed a special advantage to get invited to a Turkish wedding party.

It is necessary when you attend a Turkish wedding you find out something about it before the big day. The reason being several Turkish wedding customs have not stayed the same as time passes as a result of contact and influence from other nationalities.

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